Does your family have a Home Escape Plan?

Home Escape Plans are important for every family to have and practice.

  • Draw a map of your home showing two ways out of each room.
  • Have an outside meeting place. A tree, mailbox or light pole, that is a safe distance away from your house, are all good meeting places.
  • Practice your home escape plan at night and during the day at least twice a year.
  • Have children practice both ways out on their own in case an adult is unable to help them.
  • Close doors behind you when you leave.
  • When you hear the alarm Get Low and Go. You want to remember to stay low under the smoke.
  • Make sure your house or building number can be seen from the street.
  • Call 911 from outside your home.
  • Get out and Stay out! Never go back inside your house for anything.
  • Remember to test your Smoke Alarms once a month!

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