Electrical Safety

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When dealing with electricity in your home or in your back yard it is important to remember to take all proper safety precautions. According to the US Fire Administration there are approximately 45,000 home electrical fires each year. Half of all home electrical fires involve lighting equipment or home electrical wiring.

    • Wear proper equipment and clothes when working on backyard renovations
    • Examine all cords before use
    • Use only weather-resistant heavy gauge extension cords outdoors
    • Do not overload your generator
    • Store fuel away from living areas in properly labeled containers
    • Keep children away from portable generators
    • Have an experienced electrician perform wiring for a pool, hot tub, or spa
    • Do not swim during a thunderstorm
    • All electrical appliances, equipment, and cords should be at least 6 feet away from water
    • Plug only one heat producing appliance directly into a wall outlet at a time.
    • Use outlet covers when outlets are not in use and children are in the home.
    • Never use an extension cord with a heat producing appliance.
    • Extension cords should only be used temporarily.
    • Never staple or pinch cords with furniture.
    • Insert plugs fully into sockets and never force a three prong cord into a two-slot outlet.
    • Do not overload extension cords or wall sockets.
    • Check appliances and wiring often. Replace if worn, old, or damaged.

To learn more about outdoor electrical safety tips, visit the National Fire Protection Association’s website at https://bit.ly/2UoeJZ7.