Liaison Response Team

The Liaison Response Team provides assistance and emotional support to firefighters, their families and departments following the aftermath of a burn injury.

LRT Inset

Liaison Response Team (LRT) members are dedicated to the well-being and recovery of their fellow brother and sister firefighters and understand the importance of help and emotional support during critical times. The LRT also ensures the firefighter’s family is taken care of through meals, housing or by making other special arrangements. The Firefighters Burn Institute provides resources to also assist with post recovery including PTSD treatment, peer support groups and funding to send the firefighter to burn survivor support conferences.

Every year, LRT responds to firefighter burn injuries; we have had firefighters admitted from all over the Western United States. Some were admitted for a day or two and others for much longer. As firefighters we are there when the unexpected happens… and we are there for each other.

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For more information please contact Valorie Smart at (916) 739-8525.

Helping Burn Survivors Since 1973