Matches and Lighters

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Always keep lighters and matches away from children of all ages. Remind them to tell an adult right away if they find lighters and matches and to not touch them.

  • Lighters and matches in the hands of curious children is a dangerous thing.
  • Children are able to access videos on the internet now more than ever. This does have educational advantages but there are also videos on the internet that are not as appropriate for children to watch.
  • Videos of how to set fires and fire internet challenges exist and parents need to be aware of what kids are watching on the internet at all times.
  • To download a free activity to help teach your child about matches and lighters, visit the National Fire Protection Association’s website at
  • If your child is experimenting with fire or is showing an interest in firesetting, do not wait until it is too late. Call our Youth Firesetter Program at (916) 531-7226 to schedule an assessment. More information on our program can be found at